Interior Ministry holds webinar on traffic safety


Four departments under Traffic Directorate presented different topics on traffic safety at a webinar held by Traffic Awareness Department with the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior.

Residents and citizens attended the online event open to all groups.

Officers from Traffic Awareness Department, Traffic Safety, Patrols, Traffic Investigation and Licensing Department made presentations on different topics during the webinar presided by First Lieutenant Ahmed bin Hamad Al Thani, officer at the Traffic Safety.

Traffic Safety Department officer Captain Saud Abdullah Al-Hamad made a presentation on the tasks traffic personnel perform while regulating vehicular movement. He spoke on how officers supervise traffic on the road to avoid accidents and booking violators of rules. He spoke about the department’s studies on all traffic diversions and issuance of permits related to road closures and other plans.

Al Hamad explained the classification of traffic accidents and the vital role of radars in controlling traffic and checking speed limit breakers.


Patrols and Traffic Investigation Department Captain Hamad Talib Al Marri spoke on the role of traffic patrols on the roads. How their teams monitor and conduct the movement of vehicles.

He spoke on the precautionary measures stipulated to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, how traffic patrols work to ensure road users follow the precautionary guidelines, especially the limit of number of passengers in a vehicle and wearing face mask. He stressed the importance of adhering to traffic rules.

Traffic Awareness Department Captain Abdel Wahid Gharib Al-Anezi presented a set of traffic advice and instructions on road safety. He reviewed a number of awareness programmes prepared by the department.

Licensing Affairs Department officer Lieutenant Yousef Fahad Al-Ali explained the tasks the department carries out, such as supervising the work of the external sections related to driving licenses and vehicle licenses of all kinds, issuing traffic certificates.

He explained the steps necessary while issuing and cancelling vehicle licenses and issuing driving licenses of all types as well as documenting all data.


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